CryoStar 1 (one sample)

• Automatic determination of the freezing point

• The reference method corresponds to ISO / DIS 5764

• Technical data: see CryoStarautomatic

CryoStar automatic (multiple tests)

• Automatic determination of the freezing point

• Competed with a carousel for determining 12 samples simultaneously

• Setting the measuring time, convenient menu, all parameters can be entered in the memory and programmed. The device can be adjusted to any national or international parameters. Simple and easy operation.

The operating menu is programmed for the following languages: German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish and Hungarian.

Efficient: Determination of milk water content at ambient temperatures higher than 32º C

Fast: Determining 40 samples per hour.

Multifunctional: CryoStar has 2 built-in interfaces: 1 parallel interface with which the machine can connect to the Printer and 1 serial interface with which it can connect to the PC. During the transformation process, the curves of the freezing process can be displayed on the display and stored in memory. SryoStar consists of its own Software and an automatic calibration. All settings and calibration values ​​are permanently stored in memory.

• CryoStar software is included in the standard equipment configuration.