The years 2019-2020 in the history of our company are marked by a significant event: the development and implementation of a project to equip the laboratory of the plant of the company "AZNAR" IM. T. Akhmedova, equipment for assessing the quality of fruit vodkas.

CJSC "AZNAR" IM. T. AKHMEDOVA produces Grante vodka - a product of a special double distillation of pomegranate distillate, which allows to obtain a purer aroma and mild taste with pronounced fruit tones. The key to producing high quality distillate is raw material. Only the juice from the ripe fruit of the pomegranate is allowed to the fermentation stage to become Grante vodka.

Thanks to the implementation of the equipment of the laboratory of the CJSC "AZNAR" IM. T. AKHMEDOVA, this enterprise can determine such parameters as:

• volume fraction of ethyl alcohol

• purity of alcohol

• oxidizability

• mass concentration of aldehydes

• mass concentration of fusel oil

• mass concentration of esters

• volume fraction of methyl alcohol 


CJSC "AzNar" named after Teymur Akhmedov