About Company

"Kirantoni" company was founded in 2011 and it is specializes in supplying and servicing of equipment for analytical and microbiological laboratories, product quality control laboratories in various industry branches, analytical research and technological laboratories, biochemical and biotechnological laboratories, chemical laboratories and pharmaceutical laboratories, measurement and control apparatus.


"Kirantoni" company offers a full range of services, including:

  • Assistance in choosing the equipment and accessories for the best fit of the analytical tasks of the client;
  • Timely delivery of equipment, accessories and consumables, spare parts, customs clearance, metrological certification.
  • Maintenance and service: installation and testing of delivered equipment, warranty and post-warranty services;
  • Methodological support of the clients: analytical training, information and familiarization with analysis systems, with producer webinars, with technical literature.

Our Advantages

Our main advantage is the integrated approach to the activities of solving customer problems. The work experience of our team, continuous training at producers courses and higher profile studies guarantee high results.

We have clients in more than 500 laboratories in petrol, wine, breweries, food, grain and feed, pharmaceutical industries and research institutes.

Most of our customers are interested in equipment at appropriate prices, that would avoid the influence of the human factor in determining of certain tested characteristics.

We try to sell our clients not only a equipment, but the solution for their problem.

The well-trained staff of "Kirantoni" SRL participates permanently in the training courses, organized by the producers.
Thanks to the profession of our engineers, we offer professional support services and maintenance services at the highest level.